Boys and Books final project description: Libraries often have programs which focus on a specific theme. For this project, you are to develop a completely detailed program that could be implemented in a library or classroom. The theme of the program should appeal to the boys who are potential patrons of your library (or students in your classroom).  Create a library program (or series of classroom activities) which could help boys be more interested in books or reading. Decide on a distinct age group, such as young children (6-8 years), middle age children (9-12 years), young adult (13-16 years) and then develop an appropriate program.

Assignment submission: Dinosaur Discovery Club


Historical Fiction for Children final project description: Choose a historical time period and country. Read four children's books (fiction) set in that time period (at least one should be 100 pages or longer). Develop two activities which teach children about the time period. Your project should include: time period and country, target age of children, annotated (75-word minimum) bibliography for each book, and a full description of each activity (including materials needed and full explanation). You should also include a bibliography of resources consulted.

Assignment submission: Medieval England


Library School Media Specialist professional development assignment description:

Design a staff development activity. Create a short piece of instruction you could use with your support staff, student workers, or faculty. The instruction may be one-on-one, small group, or large group. It could also be self-instructional. For example, an after-school workshop for teachers on integrating a certain library software into the classroom, a lesson in shelving books for fifth grade library workers, or a self-paced handout on using electronic databases for teachers.

Assignment submission: PebbleGo staff development


Introduction to Public Services in Libraries final project description: Develop a library instructional session.  Include the target age group, purpose, objective, materials, and procedure of the instruction session.

Assignment submission: Drinking water and water conservation


Multimedia Materials and Presentations final projects: Develop a promotional brochure, presentation, website, and newsletter for your library.

Assignment submission: Materials for Colinas del Norte Elementary School library plus website


Children's Literature and the Primary Curriculum: Create and implement a lesson in a classroom. You will be responsible for providing all necessary materials and supplies for the lesson. Then share how you implemented the lesson.

Assignment submission: Five senses lesson for kindergarten