I grew up in Albuquerque and moved to Texas to attend McMurry University in Abilene.  After graduating from McMurry, I worked for the City of Abilene Water Department Environmental Laboratory as a Laboratory Tech II for 2 years.  After spending years analyzing water samples, I wanted to learn more about the story of the water samples before and after I saw them in the lab.  I was accpeted into the Masters of Water Resources program at the University of New Mexico and moved back to Albuquerque.  I was hired as an intern for the New Mexico Environment Department in 2004 and spent 2 months as an intern before being hired as a full-time TMDL writer.  I completed my Masters degree in 2005, took on the role of TMDL Coordinator in 2006, and have been the TMDL and Assessment Team Leader since 2011.  I currently manage the TMDL program for the State of New Mexico, supervise a team of 3 water quality scientists, and manage the Federal Clean Water Act 604(b) grant for the State.

With so much water experience, where do librarires fit in?  Libraries have always been a solace to me; a place of community and knowledge.  I took a number of career personality tests during which I consistently came out as ISFJ (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment) and a career in the library sciences was suggested as a good fit.  I've excelled in my library science classes so far and have especially enjoyed meeting and visiting so many librarians and libraries over the course of my library science degree.
I like to read and write as well as craft and spend time outdoors.