Why water and libraries?  Water can destroy a library collection.   However, access to libraries and clean water are both hallmarks of a functional society.  Personally, water and libraries are integrated into my education and career.


I earned a B.S. degree in environmental science, a Masters degree in water resources, and have spent almost 12 years in the water quality field in both Texas and New Mexico.   I taught water quality lessons to my son's preschool and elementary classes and realized that I am passionate about working with children and helping students with reference questions.  Completing career personality tests and exploring suggested careers led me to the library science field. I will complete my Associates of Library Science and ALA-Library Support Staff Certification requirements in December 2014. 


I look forward to applying my years of data organization, document preparation, and public outreach to a career in the library sciences.  This site serves to highlight my library science education and experience.